To create a value-based and well-balanced learning environment that can help in the overall development of students and enable them to inculcate and display sound values of citizenship and character. To make learning creative interesting, interactive and engaging, through a system which is constructive, comprehensive, practical and futurestic. We provide an environment that is culturally rich, intellectually stimulating and challenging as is caring to ensure excellence in character. The S.P.S. sports fields foster moral the aim to raise the bar of decency, as well as the pursuit of excellence. We are committed to strive for excellence. Fulfilling the aspirations of all our stake holders and producing leaders of tomorrow who are academically high, emotionally balanced and socially sensitive.  + read more

  To offer value-based sensible and contemporary education of global standards to children to develop their all round personality and character to lead meaningful and successful lives. As an educational institution, we strive to give a drop of wisdom along with the gallons of information and knowledge. S.P.S. works on  a different philosophy: Re invent schooling every moment. S.P.S. dedicated to ensuring a homely and healthy environment. Each and every day, each and every child, we have the power, the passion, the skill and knowledge to make a difeerence.   + read more


NOTICE: Parent Teacher Meeting will be held on Saturday, 5th August ’17 for Periodic Test-1

About Us

We versed with the latest teaching concepts and methodologies. Classroom encourages the students to enquire, to search and to learn through their own initiatives. They are closely guided by a committed faulty. We are breaking the monotony of classroom teaching by using innovative methods- Questionairrre, Demonstrations, Practical, Experiments learning by doing, play way method for kindergarten. Promoting communication skill through group or peer work. Encouraging learning by developing analytical attitude. Encouraging right words to enrich the vocabulary and emphasizing correct pronunciation.

We are nestling in pollution free and serene ambience,  our building is an architectural delight. The academic  block lie at the centre of the vast campus. Airy and spacious   classrooms, mordren up to date, computer lab, music room, activity room,   retiring room and well stocked library make provision for holistic development   in a stress free environment. The school offers its students an excellent opportunity   to develop both the mind and the body, through a structural educational   and a co-curricular programme.  The campus is itself self sufficient and has  facilities and opportunity for each student to excel in various spheres.

The school has an excellent computer lab with sufficient no. of computer because we are living in the era of information explosion and repid advancement of technologies. Education has become both an opportunity as well as challenge. We are providing global information to the students by making them teach friendly.

Principal's Message


The school understands the academic and performance that the children face today. In order to return smile and laughter to the children, the school will strive to make learning a fun. The school wants the children to reflect and think to themselves and not be automatons and robots. We are ensuring that learning is shifted away from the rote method. We will promote making the childs mind an inqusetive mind that does research and self study. Students are encourage to put in their energies with enthusiasm to bring about positive improvement to the communities they live. The school will strive to build confidence in its children with a attitude to develop “ Out of bare” thinking. + read more

Secretary Message


Education should while importing “ Vidhya” also install a sense of social responsibility in the students. Such responsibility is not divorced from the legitimale aspirations of personal advancement. Students should be encouraged to put in their energies with enthusiasm to bring about positive improvement to the communities in which they live. The qualities that we look for in students are truthfulness, loyalty, sincerity, quthenticity, besides excellence in academices. They should stay grounded and continue to succeed. They should progress with truth. In relationships they should have generosity of spirit, love to share and connect on a spiritual, human level. They should have the capacity to feel human, to fall down and get back up to triumph. We will make every effort to make students aware of their individuality, freedom, their absolute capacity to grow without help from anybody. We will impart modern education and exposure while retaining respect and understanding for out time tested traditions. + read more