CBSE Affiliation No:- 1730821
   School Code:- 11168
  U-Dice Code:- 08020307009
About Us

About Us

There are two ways to bring light. Be the candle that burns steadily of the mirror that reflects the flame. The school endeavours to brighten the light by all means. The purpose Sunrise Public School is to train young people to be responsible global citizen in a fast changing environment that is witnessing unparallel challenges. The future of nation depends on the character, vision and mission of its people. S.P.S. seeks to send a steady stream of such men and women that will not only enrich the nation but serve the world. This can only be when they are imbibed with a sense of dedication to God, devotion to duty and desire to serve. Our school is running on charitable purpose because it is having:-
1.    Economic fees structure.
2.    Fees concession for father less child.
3.    Brother-sister concession in fees.
4.    Transport facilities available on minimum charges.
5.    Teacher child concession.
6.    Total free education to IV class employees.
Students are also encouraged to accept responsibility from an early age. It is in the form of house prefect, class monitor, house captain. Students are expected to perform their roles as leaders without seeking favours and easy popularity.