CBSE Affiliation No:- 1730821
   School Code:- 11168
  U-Dice Code:- 08020307009
Director Message

Director Message

Education should while importing “ Vidhya” also install a sense of social responsibility in the students. Such responsibility is not divorced from the legitimale aspirations of personal advancement. Students should be encouraged to put in their energies with enthusiasm to bring about positive improvement to the communities in which they live. The qualities that we look for in students are truthfulness, loyalty, sincerity, quthenticity, besides excellence in academices. They should stay grounded and continue to succeed. They should progress with truth. In relationships they should have generosity of spirit, love to share and connect on a spiritual, human level. They should have the capacity to feel human, to fall down and get back up to triumph. We will make every effort to make students aware of their individuality, freedom, their absolute capacity to grow without help from anybody. We will impart modern education and exposure while retaining respect and understanding for out time tested traditions.